Coming to a small town near you!

I live in a small county in Kentucky. My sister-in-law and her husband live in the same county, but in a different community, about 10-15 miles away. On Saturday my SIL sent me a text that put chills down my spine, causing me to both gasp and squeal. The content of this text demanded a phone call, not just a mere texting-correspondence. I wanted to hear directly from her the whole story before passing it on to you.

She was home alone when she heard a knock at her door. A quick glance out a window revealed a nicely-dressed lady holding some pamphlets. Thinking the lady was a Jehovah’s Witness, she opened the door, preparing to politely tell her she was uninterested and to please not come back.  The lady was not a JW. Instead, she wanted to discuss why my SIL should be in support of a one-world government.

Floored, she told the lady she didn’t believe in that, wasn’t going to invite it into her home, and to please not come back. The lady thanked her and went on her way.

Now, on the one hand I am not surprised at all that there are people doing this. I mean, duh. One doesn’t host a blog relating current events to Bible prophecy without knowing about the one-world government agenda. But, I must say I was stunned to hear that propaganda is being spread in our small speck of the world. And I am also thrilled. Thrilled because it is, to me, a huge sign of how close we are to the winding down of history as we know it. I mean, seriously! We do not live in Chicago, New York, California, Stockholm or Budapest. We live in very small-town USA.  The “city” of our county isn’t really a city, as compared to other places; it is more like a town. Yet there is some group circulating door-to-door pushing the evil that will see the demise of this planet before the Prince of Peace steps in and ushers in true Peace and Justice. I would’ve like to have seen the pamphlets, to know the name of the group doing this and to be able to research them, but alas, my SIL was not about to take it. I don’t blame her, but still.

I’ve been told we would be out of here before anything major makes its way into our neck-of-the-woods. I disagree, and even more so now. It is coming, it is right at the door! How much longer before it all wraps up? How much longer until Christ comes for His bride?

Look up and be listening for that trumpet!  I can almost hear it now!