Hitler Would Be Proud: Belgian Cafe Posts Sign Banning Jews From Entering Store

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Has the whole of Europe become 1930’s Germany? Recent events certainly suggest it. Considering that this sign was also in Turkish suggests that the owners may have been Muslim, though I have no confirmation. Nevertheless, could you imagine the riots and potential deaths — not just across Belgium, but much of Europe — if a Christian or Jewish business owner were to post a sign that allowed dogs but not Muslims? …

Hadith, Sahih Muslim, 41:6985, “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him …”

By Carol Kuruvilla, NY Daily News – “A Belgian cafe owner is under fire for broadcasting an anti-Semitic slur in his store window.

A sign in Turkish and French announced, ‘Dogs are allowed in this establishment…

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Northern California neighborhoods inundated by rattlesnakes due to drought

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July 2014SACRAMENTO, Calif.– Rattlesnakes are moving closer to homes in Northern California, and one expert thinks the state’s drought is to blame, CBS Sacramento reports. Len Ramirez says this is one of the busiest years his rattlesnake removal business has seen in nearly three decades. And the year is only halfway done. “We’ve made four calls today, and tonight I don’t know how many I’m going to make, but it’s going to be a long evening,” he said Friday. A room where he keeps the rattlesnakes he catches before releasing them into the wild is evidence of how busy he’s been. “We’ve removed 72 rattlesnakes this week,” he said. Drought conditions have kept the calls coming in from people spooked by snakes that are way too close for comfort. “For a lot of homeowners just moving in from the Bay Area, a first-time encounter with a rattlesnake…

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