Did God’s Covenant with Israel End at the Cross?

There are those in Christendom that believe that God’s covenant with the Jews was fulfilled, and thus ended, at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All the promises made to them are now transferred completely to those who accept and follow Jesus as Lord and Savior. Modern-day secular Jews thus have no legitimate, divine, claim to the Holy Land. Thus, the discussion about what to do with “Palestine” is complex and often heated.

Is this true?

I’ll do my best to answer these questions with a question of my own:

1. If the Jews today have no divine claim to Israel, why did God place them back there after living in exile for nearly 2000 years-just as He said He would do in Ezekiel 37? That prophecy was given before Jesus, but was concerning the end-times-after Jesus’ first coming.

Anyone can see the fact that the Jews’ reestablishment of their statehood, the reclaiming of their land as it were, was nothing short of a miracle.

The miracles of God’s protection over this “young” nation continues, as is documented in the video series/documentary Against All Odds: Israel Survives.

God still has a purpose for His chosen people. The Tribulation Period is not just a time of God pouring out His wrath on a world that has rejected Him, but also a last attempt to get His people to see their Messiah for Who He is: Jesus Christ.

True, only those who accept Christ as Savior and Lord will be saved, even among the Jews. But He has not wiped His hands of them just yet.

Everything, EVERYTHING that is happening in the mid-east, Russia and even here in the obvious decline of America, is all leading up to the very prophecies revealed thousands of years ago in both the Old and New Testaments. The following explain it better than I could:

The Jews in Prophecy: Have they been cast aside, or are they destined for glory?

End-Time Prophecy in Recent History








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