Are the Biblical Medes Today’s Kurds?

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Okay, Bible students, let’s attempt to answer a question that seems to be asked more and more often every day:  Are the Biblical Medes today’s Kurds?

As ISIS stormed across Iraq, they were met with resistance by Kurds in northern Iraq.  But who are the Kurds?  Though generally Sunni Muslim, Kurds are not ethnically Arabs.  In fact, many Kurds harbor hatred for the Arabs.  They live in a vast area of land called Kurdistan, stretching from eastern Turkey, across northern Syria and Iraq, into western Iran.  Iraq allows them autonomy, though Saddam Hussein repeatedly attempted to destroy them with chemical weapons.


Historians and many Bible scholars indicate that the Kurds of today may be the Medes of the Old Testament, and they point to prophecy to help support that position.  Isaiah 13 and Jeremiah 50-51 describe the total destruction of Babylon at some point in the future, and those chapters…

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