Netanyahu Hosts Bible Study in His Home

Looking for the Blessed Hope

While Americans grapple with oppression of our rights to pray, study God’s Word, and publicly display symbols of Christianity, the leader of the Jewish nation is hosting Bible study in his home!  Praise God!

Netanyahu indicates that there is a renewal of the Jewish people to the reading of the Torah.  In 2011, Netanyahu began holding regular Bible study, following the example of the first Israeli prime minister, David Ben-Gurion.  Said to enjoy studying with his son, Avner, who won the Israeli National Bible Quiz in 2010, Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, reportedly study regularly.  On occasion, Netanyahu invites guests to join him at his residence for group study.

That happened last Sunday evening, despite all pressing matters going on in the Middle East right now.  Special guests were the parents of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped and killed in the West Bank this past summer.

Netanyahu has also been…

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