India to Yemen on Alert for Tropical Cyclone Nilofar


By Eric LeisterAccuWeather

An area of low pressure over the Arabian Sea has become better organized and is now Tropical Cyclone Nilofar.

A slow drift northwestward is expected through the weekend keeping the cyclone over warm ocean waters and relatively low wind shear.

These conditions will promote further strengthening, and the cyclone will likely reach the equivalent of a strong tropical storm or hurricane by early this week.

There are a couple of scenarios for where the developing cyclone will slam onshore with damaging winds, flooding rain and dangerously rough seas next week.

One possibility is that the cyclone would take more of a westward track, causing it to threaten eastern Yemen or Oman by Tuesday into Wednesday. Life-threatening flooding appears to be the greatest concern; however, coastal areas could be battered by damaging winds depending on how strong the cyclone becomes.

After a possible landfall in Oman…

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