A ‘Stupidity’ Virus Has Been Discovered


I really do not like the word “stupid” when referring to the cognitively challenged, or even about people who are not as quick witted or as educated as others. We are all “stupid” about something. I am vastly stupid when it comes to quantum physics, for example. I dare say most of us are. As dear old Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. Willful ignorance…..that is stupid.

Being unable to comprehend on a certain level, that is different. That cannot be helped.I’ll refer again to my relationship with quantum physics; no matter how hard I try I will not comprehend such things on a level to understand it and teach it-short of a miracle from God, that is!  And you know what? I’ve prayed for years that God will give me wisdom in all things…but wisdom does not qualify me for NASA and that is okay. Wisdom, Knowledge and Cognitive Functioning are all separate issues.

But I digress. This is still a very interesting article, even if I do resent the word “stupid”. 🙂


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