With Iran, ISIS threats rising, Israel’s government unravels. Netanyahu fires two cabinet members. Leaders call for new elections.

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As if there is not enough drama in the Middle East right now, Israel’s coalition government just blew up.

Well, “blew up” might not be the appropriate term for that part of the world. Let’s say it “unraveled,” “came apart,” “disintegrated” — along those lines.

Short version: after months of growing political tensions, Prime Minister Netanyahu fired two senior Members of his Cabinet this week (Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni). The rest of the Knesset Members then voted to dissolve itself.

It now appears parliamentary elections will be held March 17th, though this is not yet set. It’s theoretically possible that Netanyahu will find a way to cobble together a new coalition in the next few days before the Knesset finalizes an election date.

Netanyahu and the center-right parties seem — at the moment, at least — to be in a strong position. Snap polls this…

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