Ten Minutes to Type

Today I decided to answer the daily prompt: write as much as you can about whatever for ten minutes. My timer is set.

I’m afraid I do not have anything interesting to report!  It is the same ol’ same ol’ around here today. We had home school. I blew out a couple of eggs and gave them to the kids to paint as Christmas ornaments. Made lunch. We are ending quiet time now.

It is cold here today, as it should be. I hear the roosters crowing outside. Their testosterone is really flowing. Our young hens are beginning to lay. Since they are brown leghorns, they lay white eggs. Thing is, they are not laying in the nesting boxes. They fly over the fence and free-range in the back yard. We find their eggs on a bale of hay in the barn. No harm done. At least we know where they are.

Boring, I know.

About to start supper. That’s dinner for you fancy city folk 🙂 I think we will have chili.

Tomorrow we go to my husband’s father’s farm to cut down a cedar for our Christmas tree. We have a “fake one” but I think this old farmhouse calls for the real thing…and smell! What memories I have of going to my grandmother’s on Christmas Eve and admiring her real Christmas tree decorated with home made decorations. Those are memories I want my children to cherish as well.

Meanwhile, I continue to look up. Ever listening for that trumpet call. Will this be our last Christmas? As much as I love my life, I still say, “I hope so”. What He has in store for us is far better than anything this old world has to offer. Still. I love my family and the life He has blessed me with. I fail Him daily, but He remains faithful. Always.

Times up. How’s that for stream of consciousness?

Top Reasons You Won’t Hear “Ho, Ho, Ho” at our house

Blessed Hope Homestead

no santaBelow are our top reasons for leaving santa out in the cold; aka our reasons for being mean and heartless by telling our kids there is no santa clause.

First, let me say-I was raised with santa. Just like every other youngster in America, I too awaited Christmas Eve with delighted anticipation. I recall the heart-thumping realization that he had gobbled up the cookies my sister and I left for him. I was even certain I heard him sigh one year, while I laid in bed pretending to be asleep but was really listening for the slightest noise coming from down the hall.

I was eleven when my cousin told me the truth, and my grandmother confirmed it. I survived. I was not tragically scarred for life. Shocked, disappointed and even embarrassed, but I got over it. The truth also had no affect on my belief in God.

I suppose…

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