Top Reasons You Won’t Hear “Ho, Ho, Ho” at our house

Blessed Hope Homestead

no santaBelow are our top reasons for leaving santa out in the cold; aka our reasons for being mean and heartless by telling our kids there is no santa clause.

First, let me say-I was raised with santa. Just like every other youngster in America, I too awaited Christmas Eve with delighted anticipation. I recall the heart-thumping realization that he had gobbled up the cookies my sister and I left for him. I was even certain I heard him sigh one year, while I laid in bed pretending to be asleep but was really listening for the slightest noise coming from down the hall.

I was eleven when my cousin told me the truth, and my grandmother confirmed it. I survived. I was not tragically scarred for life. Shocked, disappointed and even embarrassed, but I got over it. The truth also had no affect on my belief in God.

I suppose…

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