Revelation: End of Days on the History Channel

A few days after we celebrate the first advent of Jesus Christ, The History Channel will be bringing us their two-night event entitled Revelation: The End of Days. I’m setting my DVR for this one; not because I think it will be enlightening and informational, but just because how could I not watch it? It has been my personal experience to take anything the History Channel releases with a grain of salt. So much of it is revisionist history and none of the “biblical” accounts I have seen have been at all accurate. As usual, I encourage anyone who watches this show to test it against the Scriptures.

Will you be watching it?

Click the link above to watch a sneak peak.

Wishing You a Merry (and HEALTHY) Christmas

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I was riding around town with my dad today when he decided to stop by his doctor’s office to pay a bill. His doctor shares a waiting room and admittance counter with the Urgent Treatment Center. Upon entering the waiting area, he says he was met with a room full of people wearing the white medical masks. When he approached the reception desk and told the lady he wanted to pay a bill she told him, “Unless you are sick, get out. Get out now or you will be sick. Call the billing department to make payment arrangements, just leave now.” While we kind of chuckled about the ordeal, it is really no laughing matter.

The local public schools were considering closing down for a day or two a couple weeks ago, due to so many kids having the flu. My sister tested positive for the flu, having had the…

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