As the World Celebrated Christmas, Israel Responded to Violence

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Welcome back friends!  As many of us around the world celebrated Christmas, I pray you experienced the fullness of hope in a Savior born to die so that we might live.

However, while most of us celebrated in relative peace, violence continued in Israel.  On Christmas Eve, Palestinian snipers took aim at IDF soldiers along the Gaza border while they were standing guard for maintenance work on a security fence.  One soldier was seriously wounded.  Israel responded with tank fire and an air strike, taking out Hamas positions in Gaza and reportedly killing one Hamas official.

Hamas warned that “Israel is playing with fire and bears full responsibility for the repercussions.  It is the Palestinian people’s right to defend itself.”  Meanwhile, Israeli officials continue to stand firm that the IDF will protect its forces, its land, its people, and the border area.

Violence continued on Christmas Day when an 11-year-old…

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