I don’t even know how to begin…

so let this be a stream-of-consciousness open letter to any who will read it. I feel an overwhelming pull to say a few things. I have had this nudging for a few days, but placed it on the back burner until I could organize my thoughts. My thoughts are still not organized, but the nudging has become a full blown shove. So here we go.

We have the IS executing its reign of terror throughout the middle east. Would-be jihadists up to evil deeds throughout the entire world. Even naïve, “searching-for-something-bigger-than-they-are” Americans are joining the fray. Meanwhile, our media and government are hell-bent on convincing us that Islam has nothing to do with the senseless slaughters.

History is rewritten and revised daily. When we turn on the news, we don’t know if what is reported is true, the wild imaginings of a narcissist or propaganda and deception devised by the satanically-driven global leaders who are determined to see the NWO become a reality.

After announcing America’s policy on terror as “strategic patience”, our president has now decided that maybe something ought to be done about the IS after all.  I’m not sure I believe that either, but I digress. So, for all appearances, we are now entering a “mini” (?) war on IS and extremism.

Let’s not forget Putin’s not-so-little tantrum. He is a kettle about to blow.

Looks like we are headed for WWIII folks.

That’s just the beginning. We are a nation that delights in SIN. Yes, SIN. That is the proper term for the rampant immorality that is calling good evil and evil good.

People are being deceived left and right, in all areas. The worst thing is, many suspect things are bad but are too self-absorbed or complacent to even care.

Everyone makes their own reality nowadays and we are told that is acceptable. So long as we all tolerate one another’s reality, we should be allowed to do and speak as we please. God forbid anyone dare JUDGE another. Even, or shall I say especially, within our churches.

The only reality that is not acceptable is that which is literally taught in the Bible. Folks, I have news for you, it is the ONLY reality. It does not matter what we think, how we feel or what we want; there is an actual black and white reality.

Why do you think God referred to Himself as I AM? That’s because, HE IS, and He has a thing or two to say about the affairs of man and his future. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the tab above entitled How I Know the Bible is True. Still don’t believe me? Then I double dog dare you to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you.  What have you got to lose? This world is going to hell, whether you believe in one or not is irrelevant. You know things are bad. Jesus is the answer. Time is running out.

5 thoughts on “I don’t even know how to begin…

    1. You are right on! Even our Christian brothers and sisters no longer believe it is evil to lust after the things of the world, as long as they go to church on Sunday. However, I am not sure about WWIII, but I am sure about the end of this time; it is coming soon. You can see it with this IS thing and Obama’s failure with Israel. The entire world has gone nuts with immorality and hatred and all we can do is pray about it. Love you in Christ, Brother Ron


      1. The Bible has a plan..sin is a part of it,,We are to become like the days of Noah,,we are! The USA becoming cool in its relations with Israel is a part of the plan. When the countries and Russia. magog war decides to attack Israel? God wants to eliminate them all by himself. Sit back an enjoy the ride..turn your frustrations to God.Elai is coming to take all believers out of this mess,,,good day meanlittleboy2@wordpress.com


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