The Latest UN Outrage…and Still More Signs of the Last Days

Looking for the Blessed Hope

The UN is at it again.  On Friday they adopted four resolutions condemning Israel for Human Rights violations.  Not only are the resolutions absolutely ridiculous, but Israel was hit with 4X as many condemning resolutions as any other nation on the planet.  Four times as many as North Korea who routinely tortures and murders its own citizens.  Four times as many as Syria where 100,000 civilians have been killed and millions more displaced due to the evil ambitions of its president.  Four times as many as Iran, a nation at the top of watch lists regarding persecution of minorities.  Yes, Israel, a democracy where every citizen (including Arabs) have the freedom to vote, to hold jobs, and to be involved in civic activities.  A nation whose laws protect minorities, and who employs the most ethical military in the world.  It’s just crazy!

Here is the report from Fox News: UN…

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