Out with the old and in with the NEW

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Blessed Hope Homestead

Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture. Hat tip to Gary Followell for the beautiful picture.

What I am about to write may surprise some of you; especially if you know what this site is about, which is Jesus and awaiting His return. Anyway, just a cursory glance at this site would give you the clue that I am a Christian. Well, guess what:

I recommitted and was re-baptized on Sunday!

Why? Was I uncertain of my salvation? Not really. As usual, it’s complicated.

The short version is: it is between Jesus and me. He knows the stirrings I’ve had of late and how I am sure they were from Him. Those of you who know my position on the headcovering and how I came about that conclusion should know that I don’t do anything on a whim. Lots of time is spent praying, studying and reflecting. This is no different.

The longer version:

I repented, confessed…

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