I’m sure by now you’ve seen this article circulating Facebook. It asks some very valid questions. I, too, am very heartbroken at the apostasy of so many as reflected by this issue. As is his specialty, satan has deceived people into thinking that those who value God’s definition of marriage are bigots and hateful. Centering the issue around “equality” confuses the issue for so many. I’ll write more about this later, Lord willing, when I can use a computer instead of this Kindle.

The Domino Affect; Polygamous Trio Applies For Marriage License In Montana

Jasper and Sardine


A married Montana man has taken his wife and his girlfriend to the Yellowstone County Courthouse and told the clerk: Marry us – if the Supreme Court OK’d “gay” unions, then we should be allowed to join together in holy polygamy.

“It’s about marriage equality,” said Nathan Collier, who filed for a marriage application to two women, Victoria and Christine, CBS News reported. “You can’t have this without polygamy.”

Victoria is currently his legal wife. Christine is his girlfriend.

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County officials at first denied the application, but then backtracked and said they’d have to consult with attorneys.

Critics of government-sanctioned “gay” marriage have been warning for years that would-be polygamists would use same-sex unions as a means of pressing an equal opportunity argument. And Collier specifically cited the Supreme Court’s ruling as…

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