How could You Not Cry?

At these videos?

I recently commented on my great Aunt’s Facebook about how this is not the America in which she grew up. I asked what we are celebrating this July Fourth. Someone replied that, to them, it was like celebrating the birthday of a loved one whom weknow is dying. That is precisely how I feel. It is bittersweet to think of all the things that made America great: hardworking people with integrity and honor, a community that honored Christian virtues, even those who did not share the faith. It was something to be proud of. But somewhere along the way, my parents’ generation mostly, decided this nation no longer needed God. Its values, and now even its Constitution, are considered archaic.

So, goodbye sweet America, by your own insistence God has darkened your lampstand.

As for the rest of us….this is not our home. There may be rough days ahead, but let us walk in the Spirit and keep our hope fixed upon the glory that awaits, ever working, ever occupying,until we hear that Trumpet and see His face.

This next video is perhaps my favorite song of all time. May it encourage and motivate you as it does me.

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