Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

When the U.S. Supreme Court declared to the nation that homosexuals had the same rights as heterosexuals for equality when it came to marriage, cheers rang out across the country and a new sentiment was born. Banners declaring victory were draped along streets and sidewalks, colored rainbow flags adorned businesses, Government buildings and even the White House (source). Social media equally was lit up as millions tweeted on Twitter, or posted on their Facebook pages “Love Wins” as though a great battle had won. Yet it was this particular message of ‘Love Wins’ which stood out for many within the Christian community as prominent Christian leaders began to echo the same sentiment of ‘Love Wins’. Men such as Jay Bakker, Rob…

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Word and Work


This site, more specifically the page about baptism, was featured in July’s issue of Word and Work Online.

If you are not familiar with this ministry, I’ve included their About Page below as well as the link. They offer a variety of articles written by a variety of people: Bob Russell, Matt Walsh and Chuck Swindoll to name a few. I have no idea how I got squeezed in among them!! Still, as my About page will tell you, I am irrelevant. I’m not even named at the featured site, as I am the only “unknown” listed. I want only to serve the Lord in whatever way He can use me. To Him be glory alone and forever.

Word and Work Online:

Our History

It began over 100 years ago. In a Church of Christ in New Orleans several members became deeply burdened by the Lord. They were on fire to train believers to live holy lives, evangelize the lost, and establish strong congregations which would worship the Lord and carry on those same ministries in many other places.

To help them reach those goals, in 1908 they started to publish a magazine, first called The Christian Word and Work. Two so-called laymen led the way.  D. L. Watson, a pediatrition, was main editor for the first five years. He wrote in the opening editorial, “Our new enterprise has sprung from a desire to build up the Cause of our dear Redeemer…. We shall urge the churches to support the preach-ing of the Gospel in the regions around them, that the people may know the will of the Lord, be saved, and added to the body of Christ’s workers….”

Stanford Chambers was a co-editor in those years, as well as being teacher and principal in a Christian school which that church began. Then he became the leading editor from 1913-15, shortening the name to Word and Work. He added some new regular columns — regarding first principles, work and worship, soul-winning, Bible school, prophecy, etc.

By 1916 Chambers asked R. H. Boll. to become editor and move the magazine to Louisville, Ky.  Boll was an outstanding Bible teacher and preacher, and wrote many books.  Some critics said he taught too much about prophecy, but he taught a great deal about numerous topics in the Bible! One of the main goals of the magazine has been “to declare the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Boll also strongly emphasized God’s grace — in contrast to the legalism which was very widespread in those days. That is, he stressed that our faith must be in Christ and what He has done for us, rather than in what we do for Him. He edited W&W for forty years (1916-1956)!

Other editors have followed: E. L. Jorgenson, J. R. Clark, Gordon Linscott, W. Robert Heid, and Alex Wilson.  But by and large the goals and emphases have remained the same.

Check out the rest of the site, as well as some wonderful articles by clicking HERE.


Why would this particular webpage from The End of The American Dream be inaccessible, and even the cached page removed?

Serve Him in the Waiting

I am to a point that I am really at a loss as to what to focus on, so after a break this weekend, and of course getting the prophecy updates up, I have just been waiting on the Lord this morning, as to what to post. I was watching various videos of people standing up for their rights in America in the face of overreaching authorities such as police and FBI, etc. When I came across this (below) video entitled “Take a look at this:, why July 7th and September 23rd should be on your radar”. As I got into the first five minutes of it, the maker of the video [ProfessorDoom1] mentions an asteroid event off the coast of Puerto Rico, CERN, and the New World Order. He references the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact, which feature comets which are addressed by using a nuclear weapon to blow them apart…

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