ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula: Tightening Relations between Egypt and Israel?

Looking for the Blessed Hope

With the Syrian civil war dragging on, with ISIS continuing its rampage throughout the Middle East, and with the Iranian nuclear talks hogging headlines, there is another story developing that is worth noting.

After Hosni Mubarak was ousted in Egypt during the Egyptian “Arab Spring,” rigged elections put Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood into power.  By God’s grace, wise military leaders in Egypt saw the dangerous direction the Muslim Brotherhood was taking Egypt, and they wrangled power from them.  Today, one of those military leaders, Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, is President of Egypt and has been faithful not only to uphold the peace treaty with Israel, but to stand as a rational voice in the Middle East.  He is a reformer.  (See Radicals, Reformers and Revivalists)

Sissi has boldly stood up to radical Islamists and has spoken out against their jihadist mentality.  When the US turned its back on Egypt…

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