If Only It Were That Simple

The following video is  making its rounds across social media and is being applauded. This news anchor is saying what most Americans are thinking but there is just one problem….

Radical Islam is not “sneaking” into our country; it is not following a Trojan Horse strategy. They are being WELCOMED into America, deliberately, I think, in an effort to destroy this country. The President, his ilk, and those pulling his puppet strings have no love for America and what most Americans value. How could they? America and what it has stood for all these years does not mesh well with their global agenda. America must fall in order to usher in the One World Government.

So, while I applaud this lady for speaking what so many are thinking, for her stand, I have to argue that she is misguided about who the real threat is and how radical Islam has been allowed into this country. Americans. The common Joes and Janes of America whom are fed up with the sabotage and treasonous acts of our leaders taking a collective stand to say “NO MORE” is the only way to put an end to this.

H/T to Serve Him in the Waiting

Thirteen Years

Today is our 13th wedding anniversary.

I cannot help but reflect on how God has used my husband to change and mold me. I am lightyears away from the girl I was when we married. It hasn’t always been easy (is it ever?), but I can see God’s hand in it all.

Have a blessed day!