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Serve Him in the Waiting

The September 2015 Alarm
Written by Don McGee
Probably like most Bible teachers, I am receiving questions about events supposedly to occur in September of this year that are apocalyptic in nature. Nothing specific is predicted, like the return of Jesus for His church, but some are publishing lists giving what they call proof that something dramatic is going to occur. Unfortunately, this has caused undue anxiety in the hearts of some Christians.

The purpose of this newsletter is not to make light of those who are anxious because of these things, but rather to present a biblical and logical look into some of the items on the lists. Looking at this from a Bible teacher’s perspective, I am glad people are interested enough to look into these things, but I am also concerned that unbiblical conclusions will lead to the ignoring of what is…

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The gig is up!

Amen! and Maranatha!

Serve Him in the Waiting

You know, folks, I’ve been around the block a few times on my little ole tricycle, and after a while you start to figure out that there comes a certain point that if you don’t “get it” now, you ain’t gonna.

I am kind of at that point with this blog.  So you might detect a shift in what I bother to cover here.

All along (other than the initial investment it takes to get a blog off the ground) I have not concerned myself with whether or not anyone reads, follows, likes, or with getting “freshly pressed”, rather I just have tried to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and what I find interesting and relevant, I share.  I have sometimes given my opinion, always with the disclaimer that I’m just little ole me, now fifty-one, a retired nurse, mom, Christian.

Mind if I just ramble?  Donald Trump.  People are all excited. …

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Fascinating Perspective by Daymond Duck

Pres. Obama claims to be a Christian (his actions–lying, false accusations, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, etc. say otherwise), but many Christians believe he is a Muslim (he prays with them, praises them, defends them, won’t say “Muslim terrorist,” etc.).

I will admit that I think he is a Muslim, but, until I saw an article that said two different sources say he is a Shiite, it never occurred to me that Pres. Obama might prefer the Shiite religion. The article said Pres. Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was a Shiite Muslim in a mostly Sunni country (Kenya).

If the statement is true, several things that I have found confusing are suddenly making sense. I Googled, “Was Pres. Obama’s father a Shiite?” to check it out and found several articles on the subject. Of course, there are people who call it a conspiracy theory, but it is important to look at some of the facts. Continue reading….