“Whose Law?”-Don McGee | Crown and Sickle Ministries

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Hope for the Christian is the imminent return of Jesus.
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nothing else.
July 2015
Whose Law?
The recent Supreme Court decision on homosexual “marriage” was something of a bell-ringer for our country, because it impacted, even changed, the culture of America like few decisions have. Proponents are now saying, “It is the law”, and they are mostly rubbing it in the faces of Christians and others who are opposed. Well, is it really the law of the land? Is this something that is chiseled in stone with no hope of ever being overturned? Are we now living in a country where deviant behavior can be flaunted and where the rejection of what has been our historical and cultural underpinnings is common place? And are our grandchildren to grow up in a culture so corrupt and brazen?
What we have seen in the last 50 years, yes…

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