How, then, Shall We Live?

Blessed Hope Homestead

Once a week I watch a Mid-East Prophecy Update put out by a minister named JD Farag. Brother Farag and I often agree on key issues and I find his Youtube channel both informative and encouraging. Anyway, last week he began his program by presenting a question (both to his congregation and to those watching via internet). He asked something along the lines of: If you knew for certain, without a doubt, what day the rapture was…What would you be doing differently?

This question was especially meaningful to me because I too have had a tugging of the Spirit, asking myself that very same question. This isn’t the first time God has placed something in my mind or on my heart, only to have it confirmed by someone else shortly after. So I present the question to YOU: If you knew for certain the day of the rapture, would your…

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