Coincidence? Hype?

Are you weary of videos pertaining to September yet? I realize that as more and more articles and videos are put out surrounding this date, that the more people may “see” a connection that may be nothing more than coincidental. That is if you believe in coincidences. I’m not sure I do. Has September been overanalyzed? Is all this hype just setting a lot people up to be disappointed? Only time will tell of course.

Despite all this, I present to you another video. This one takes a different angle in that it shows how the 9/22-9/23 numbers show up in natural disasters and other events from the past decade or so. Foreshadowing? God trying to warn us? We will see.

Personally, I WANT to go home ASAP; but I don’t want to be found sleeping on the job, so I will continue to look up and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading until He comes.

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