Christians who do not believe the Bible?

H/T to Vine Vigil for first sharing the linked article.

Most Christians Do Not Believe the Bible, according to the article. More specifically, most Christians do not consider it to be the inerrant Word of GOD.

It gives the reasons, read it for yourself and decide but I have to ask what kind of God do these people believe in?

If God is powerful enough to speak the world into existence (perhaps they question that) and loved us enough to die for us (everyone who claims to be a Christian should believe that) then isn’t He capable of giving us the Word He wants us to have? It would seem to me that the people who question the Bible’s inerrancy and unchanging relevance have never seen the Word at work in their own lives.

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The pope visits the White House

Did you watch the pope’s speech given at the White House this morning?

I did and here are my notes:

  1. No mention of today being the Day of Atonement. No mention of sin or the need for repentance. No mention of Jesus, really.
  2. His two points were on immigration and climate change. Since the earth is our common home, we need to be good stewards of the environment and open our hearts and homes to immigrants.
  3. When asked to choose one word to describe the pope, people in the crowd answered “love”. He was also referred to as being “like Jesus”.
  4. A commentator took note we were witnessing the collaboration of two great world leaders : one spiritual, one political.

I seriously don’t think I need to add my personal commentary here. I’ll refer you instead to the following article:

And to the video of the speeches by POTUS and pope.