Putin orders Russian military forces into combat in Syria, just miles from northern border of Israel. Russian forces working closely with Iran. Here’s the latest.

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(photo credit: CNN) (photo credit: CNN)

(Rochester, New York) — In the Kremlin’s biggest military operation in the Middle East since 1941, Russian air and ground forces are now engaged in combat in Syria. And they are now operating just miles from the northern mountains of Israel.

The Kremlin’s stated objective is to defeat ISIS and protect the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a long-time Russian ally in the Middle East. But Vladimir Putin’s aggressive moves have broader, more ominous implications.

  1. Putin is a Czar, an imperialist, consumed with “Mother Russia’s” need to expand it’s borders and influence — and he is now on the move to seize control of the dynamic in the epicenter.
  2. Putin specifically wants to replace the United States as the dominant military and political force in the Near East. It’s been firm, bipartisan U.S. foreign policy since World War II to keep the Russian military out of the Middle East…

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Russia Is A Player in Prophecy But Not The USA -.. Armeggedon pt 2 chaos

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To all who have any discernment,we are currently witnessing the diminishment of the 70 year  US sphere of influence in the Middle East.

I cringed as I witnessed the spectacle of Vladimir Putin’s U.N.  speech excoriating the western nations for ignoring international law, dis-embowling Libya, Syria  and creating ISIS through our meddling in the Middle East.

Putin is a supporter of embattled Syrian President Bashir Assad. He has committed Russian ground troops, tanks, ships and an air strike force to defend Assad. Putin is also an ally of the terrorist Iranian regime. They too have poured troops into Syria to defend Assad and are currently fighting to defend the beleaguered Assad regime.

It is obvious that Putin is exploiting the Sunni/Shiite rift in Islam, taking the side of the Shiites, and developing a Shiite alliance, armed and trained by Russia. The goal is a Shiite crescent from Syria all the…

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