Randy Quaid arrested in Vermont after trying to cross border from Canada

I may have mentioned this before, but there is a lot a sensationalism among sites that claim to be about “the end times”. I have mistakenly shared some of them. I am now much more, “snobby”, in what I share.

Having said that, this article showed up in my Facebook News Feed. I had no idea Randy Quaid was wanted and hiding out in Canada. I know him best as the beloved “Eddie” in the National Lampoon Vacation movies, most notably “Christmas Vacation”.

After reading the article, I can’t help but think something fishy just might be going on surrounding this. He and his wife fled to Canada, reportedly, to escape “Hollywood Whackers”. Now before you write him off as a nut, be aware that there is growing evidence of such stuff happening. Go to Youtube and search Hollywood and the Illuminati. Lots of quasi-stars (and even some big names) are opening up about certain rituals and such they are expected to perform in exchange for wealth and fame. When someone steps out of line, tries to leave the secret group or appears to be a threat to the “powers-that-be”, they suddenly find themselves targets of a very dark and powerful group. If a rising star is approached and goes through the pre-initiation steps but then later decides it is more than they are willing to subject themselves to, they often find their careers are very short-lived afterwards. I’ve even read speculation that many of these so-called overdoses or suicides by famous people are really just a cover-up meant to hide their assassination/murder.

I in no way want to join the ranks of conspiracy theorists, but evidence is mounting that many of these “theories” are reality. Research and decide for yourself. You know yourself that so often we cannot take the media’s word on it and most certainly cannot take the authorities’ word on much of anything.