Earth’s extreme weather gets more extreme: river of hail runs through Arabian Desert

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River of Hail Middle East
November 2015MIDDLE EASTExtreme conditions have caused deadly havoc in the Middle East over the past fortnight, but a “river of hail” running through the Arabian desert is easily the most surreal in the unprecedented run of freak weather. Footage of the odd phenomenon shot at an unspecified location shows a vast torrent of icy water flowing through the arid desert like a glacier on fast forward after recent hail storms fed into local waterways.
Large chunks of ice are visible in the hypnotic stream, and a fellow on camera cheerily puffing a cigarette scoops out a handful of hailstones that would have been at least golf ball-sized when they first hit the earth. Foul weather has racked the region lately, with violent storms lashing Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
At least 58 Iraqis have been killed, mostly in electrical accidents, as floods swept through…

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Pope stumbles in church for second time in three days

ROME, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Pope Francis had to be helped up the steps to an altar at a Rome basilica on Monday after stumbling in public for the second time in three days.

Two church officials flanked the 78-year-old pontiff and took him by the arm as he faltered on his way up the steps during a service in the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

On Saturday, the pope tripped on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica, stopping his fall with his outstretched hands, before two aides helped him back to his feet.

Last month, the Vatican dismissed an Italian newspaper report that the pope was suffering from a benign brain tumour, saying the pontiff was in good health.

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