American Couple in Paris Turned Away from U.S. Embassy During Attacks

You would think the safest spot for Americans overseas would be a U.S. embassy, no matter what the situation might be – whether it’s raining heavily, or if terrorists are on the loose.

So, why then were these Americans (one pregnant) turned away during the terror attacks in Paris that left over 120 people dead?

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The Weakness of the American White Man By Robert Campbell

While reading the following article, keep in mind the author is a black man. That shouldn’t make a difference, but we all know it does.

Hello folks, I hope all is well. Some of you have probably noticed that I don’t write very often. I have gotten many emails asking, “Where are you?” I must confess, I didn’t want to write about issues that I know are covered in many other great articles. Truth be told I let fear set back in, but enough about that.

The title of this article is meant to grab attention, so I hope you will read on. My last article made note of how the destruction of the Afro-American came about. I will not go over that material again, as you can read that article here at Rapture Ready. This time, I’m going to focus on the white men of America.

What has happened to the American white male? When did our white brothers turn weak and fearful, constantly apologizing and giving in to intimidation? These days, if you call an average white man or woman a racist—which happens a lot—or tell them that they have offended you in some way, they’ll immediately start apologizing. In fact, white men and women will go to great lengths to make it right, even at their own expense.

They’ll speak the truth in their homes where no one hears, but will keep quiet in public so as not to offend anyone, while pent up anger builds from holding it all in. White males have become fearful and soft, even to the point of making new laws to appease evil. Most white pastors barely touch on the subjects of homosexuality and abortion, if at all. In fact most churches today now embrace homosexuality and are completely silent on abortion. Pastors routinely witness these violations of God’s moral law in their congregations, yet refuse to say anything.

I must say that America’s white men share blame for the decline of this country. I’m not talking about the whites who commit evil deeds. I’m not talking about the ones who have no soul and work for Satan. They know what they’re doing. No, I’m talking about the ones that claim to know God, yet sit by silently as evil abounds.

This nation’s white men have become just as weak and pathetic as many of the black men in America. Caucasians are not like the founding fathers; you know, the guys who wore those ridiculous white wigs on their heads. Those strong men fled a tyrannical king to begin a new nation, a nation of liberty.

Even though some weren’t Christians, they established the architecture of American government; the United States Constitution. Most of us would say that these men were honest and principled men with integrity; God-fearing men that went to church every Sunday. Most Americans believe all of them were all against slavery and other such evils.

I’m here to tell you that is not the case. CONTINUE ARTICLE