My Refugee Conflict

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not we should accept thousands of Syrian refugees. I find that most Americans fall into one of two camps: adamantly YES or adamantly NO. This goes for Christians as well.

I, for one, am conflicted on the issue.

As a Christian I certainly want to help the downtrodden, poor and weak. In fact, in my list of “family rules” that the kids and I review each day is “Defend and Protect the Weak”. Christians are to be the feet and hands of Jesus. We are to love our neighbor. We are called to be “good Samaritans”. I get it; and normally I would not hesitate to agree.

But then I see a video like this:

That is my home state. I know Kentucky is not alone; this is not a lone incident.

And then there is this video that went so viral, Youtube removed it, on the grounds of copyright infringement or something so this one is silent in parts but it gives a link to a mirror video with full audio.

I cannot help but wonder, have we learned nothing from the events in Europe as a whole and Sweden and Paris specifically? Reports abound that the majority of “refugees” are male. Where are the women and children? And even if “only” 10% of the refugees end up being ISIS sympathizers, out of the 100,000 Obama wants to welcome that is 10,000 terrorists within our borders!

This whole ordeal leaves me dumbfounded; but more than that, I am angry.

I am angry that so many of my friends are falling for the lies and rhetoric. satan can take on the appearance of an angel of light and in so many instances he is using “love” as a means to deceive people who are otherwise quite intelligent. And to demonize those who are not fooled.  People who see this refugee situation as a means to topple this land we love are once again accused of hatred and bigotry.

Do I believe there are innocent people being forced out of their homes in Syria and elsewhere? Of course! Do I believe every single “refugee” hoping to come to America is innocent? Are they the weak I tell my kids to defend and protect? Not all of them, no! Some are more evil than we can even imagine.

The biggest problem is: we have no way to know who is innocent and who has evil intentions.

That is what I want my friends on the left to understand about those who are opposed to accepting thousands upon thousands of refugees.

It isn’t that we are cold-hearted. It isn’t that we are bigoted.

We just don’t want to take the chance of what happened in Paris to happen in New York, Chicago, LA or any number of cities across America.

Yet I continue to read where people vehemently declare that the terrorists are not hiding among the refugees.

How can you be sure? Are you willing to bet your child’s life on it?

Yet the fact remains: America will fall eventually. Eventually she will be inconsequential in world matters. At best, she will be only one of several kingdoms in service to the coming kingdom of anti-Christ. Perhaps this is how it will happen.

No doubt the age of grace is coming to a close and the world is going to soon think of these as “the good ol’ days”. I shutter at the thought and am glad I will not be here to see the wrath that is to come. Yet, I am saddened and angry that so many will and for no other reason than because they chose to believe a lie. Muslims are turning to Christ by the thousands! People who could argue they have every excuse to have been deceived and couldn’t find Jesus; yet they are finding Him! While in America where opportunities to know Jesus abound, He is being denied. Even those who claim to know Him are being deceived by new age, humanist jargon and are completely missing the point.

These are mind-boggling days to be sure, but I am reminded of and find comfort in:

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1

I  realize this post does not adequately express all that I am thinking and feeling. The overwhelming response of our nation’s Governors is evidence that American still have some hope in the common sense department. How this all plays out remains to be seen of course.

Regardless, we all need to be ready for whatever may come. I am ready to face eternity. Are you?