A Look at What Is Really Going On

The following information will come as no surprise to many of my readers, yet I post it here for two reasons: 1. to gather my thoughts and 2. to maybe shed some light for those who may not have already figured it out. If you haven’t already seen them, please take the time to view the videos at the end of the post. You won’t regret it.

I began this blog nearly three years ago because I could see a correlation between what was happening on the news and what Scripture says about the end of days. I’ve veered off topic here and there, taken breaks here and there…grown impatient here and there…but one thing remains: I continue to Look Up for the glorious appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the years I have struggled to piece together the puzzle. How is it all going to play out? We know what is going to happen, as in the big picture, but we do not yet know how it is going to come together.

The rise of ISIS and increase in terror events have left many concluding that Islam will play the major role in the NWO and the antichrist ruler will be of a Muslim persuasion. I must admit they make compelling arguments and the spread of radical Islam throughout the world has given me reason to consider it a correct assessment.However, many still conclude the traditional interpretation of Europe being the source of the NWO and antichrist beast.

Recent events, and the plethora of information I have gathered and mentally filed away over the years, lead me to remain in support of the latter idea and I must say the pieces are starting to come together.

Conspiracy theorists are commonly regarded as wacko but have you ever stopped to consider who taught us to think such things? As adults, most of what we “believe” about the world around us is based upon what our parents, teachers and experiences have taught us. But there is another source of information that we often take for granted and certainly most of us under-estimate. That is the media. We think we know what is going on in our community and world because of what we are told when we flip on the news or read a paper. How many of us ever question these sources?

I suppose, back in the day, journalism had a code of honor and most journalists sincerely wanted to report the truth-however unpleasant. It is obvious that is not so anymore.  Ninety-percent of all media is owned by six companies. No doubt these six companies are comprised of the global elite in one form or another. This “elite” group of men and women have an agenda: to control the world. What is the best way to garner support for a global government? Brainwash viewers, of course. Manipulate information and current events in an effort to achieve a desired outcome.

A false flag event is when a group in power instigates, finances and plans a major event (such as a terror attack) while “framing” another group. For example, it is quite possible the Paris attacks were a false flag event. True, radical Islamists did the terrorizing and killing of innocent people, but they did not come about independently. No. The ultimate goal of the Paris attacks were to see how citizens of a major city would respond and how easily martial law could be mobilized. Think about it. Don’t you find it odd that with so many terror events of recent months there was a military or police “drill” happening at the same time? And about the very circumstances surrounding the event?

So what is the point? The point is: there is a group of people who control the world’s economy (the money), and they want a unified global government in which they control all the masses. They have specific goals in mind for the world and do whatever is necessary to shuffle people, nations and events about to achieve these goals.

Why do you think there is such a push to accept Islam? The nonsense the media and politicians feed us defies logic! Why are Christians who are cautious about letting in thousands of refugees being demonized as hateful and not fulfilling Christ’s command to love? Simple. Islam is a tool used by the global elite. They are letting ISIS do the dirty work, while they lie to the public about having them contained.  They have an idea about how they want the world divided up (Read Revelation 17) so they are doing just that: divide and conquer. They are using radical Islamists to do it.

A major obstruction to their plans, of course, is America. She simply cannot continue as the major world leader. She too must be divided and conquered. The recent increase in racial tensions and disputes makes sense now doesn’t it? We are being “tricked” into taking sides of battles that are instigated by a secret few. People are being used to fulfill these evil purposes. More and more people are becoming dependent upon the government. Policies are being shoved down our throats. Christians and hard-working decent people are becoming public enemy number one because,make no mistake, everything that is happening is satanic-driven. The prince of this world is hell-bent on establishing his kingdom and he will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Yes, the world is being used, manipulated and lied to. However, God is still on His throne and He is still in control. Those who love Him and have been born again into Jesus have nothing to fear.  Let us walk in the Spirit, no longer conforming to the patterns of this world and let us not be deceived.

16 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Matthew 10


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