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Funny how we tell God to leave our schools, our public buildings, our government institutions…we want Him to disappear off our money and out of our pledge. We told Him he has no right to decide what marriage should look like. One of our major political parties actually “booed” Him. He has even been declared “DEAD”. YET, we want Him to fix it the very problems that have arisen as a result. God is the ultimate gentleman. He isn’t going where He isn’t wanted.

San Bernardino & The Problem of Evil

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HOURS AFTER THE SHOOTING in San Bernardino, cries for the victims lit up social media. Political rhetoric was also spewed, yet there were also calls for prayer for the victims and for our land. Unfortunately, alongside those petitions for God’s help, shouts that God doesn’t help rang from the voices of the unbelievers. Even the New York Daily News printed a headline, “God isn’t fixing this.” Here’s just one example of many twitter complaints against prayer…. 

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Why didn’t God stop the San Bernardino shooting?

This exemplifies part of our trouble with our evangelism, the problem of evil. The argument goes like this, “If God exists, then why is there evil (like this shooting in San Bernardino)?” It is a valid question. It’s an objection that many people have and without a legitimate answer, will keep many without hope. We need to be able to answer this question. It’s going…

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Obama’s ISIS Oil Scandal Deepens As Russia Produces Stunning Photographic Evidence

( My  Note: Seriously, I think Obama’s main job during his time in office is to create irreparable racial tension among Americans, set the stage for total gun confiscation and demonize conservative Christians….in short, destroy America. I honestly think those who are pulling his puppet strings, those who ultimately put him in office, has given him that main agenda. As for foreign affairs? Focus on climate change and do as little else as possible. Someone else is making the decisions about America’s involvement in the middle east and elsewhere. Of course the White House denies that Turkey is buying oil from ISIS. Deny, deny, deny…that is their main motto, is it not?)

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As Putin Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Players, His Surprising Jewish Connection is Revealed

Vladimir_Putin-6-660x330(My note: the more I read, the less sure I am that Putin is Gog. I still do not think Turkey is Magog, as some are claiming. Turkey, from what I understand has more Sunni Muslims than Shia. We know Iran is Shia. Since Magog and Persia are in cahoots in Ezekiel 38, is it really very likely Sunni and Shia will come together in such an alliance? I suppose under the right circumstances it is possible, though I don’t see how. Anyway, Putin’s history with Jews does seem to add another confused layer to the debate.)

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