Obama’s Constitutional Overreach…and Israel by Carolyne Glick


Mom’s Note: You really should read this article in its entirety, but below is a quote that sums up this administration nicely.

But in truth, the story wasn’t really about Israel. It was about an administration so contemptuous of US lawmakers and citizens that its senior officials have no compunction about admitting that they are breaking the law. They brazenly admit that they are undertaking unlawful spying operations against private citizens and lawmakers and in so doing conducting a massive abuse of presidential powers while trampling the spirit and arguably the letter of the US Constitution.

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Giant cover-up in Muslim migrants’ rape spree


German authorities and media outlets attempted to cover up details of a sexual-assault spree by Arabic and North African migrants on New Year’s Eve.

It took roughly 200 policemen to quell chaos started last Friday by thousands of migrants at Cologne Central Station. Huffington Post Deutschland detailed one major problem: Elites with their hands on the levers of power stymied efforts to identify perpetrators.

Reporter Anabel Schunke said Monday that officials initially told cops to expect 400 migrants involved in brawls, unauthorized use of fireworks, and sexual assaults at the train station. The real number was closer to 2,000, the website reported.

“The media’s handling of this issue is a slap in the face for every victim,” Schunke said, adding that television stations declined to give descriptions of suspects.

A civilian investigator told the reporter not to

Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2016/01/muslim-migrants-rape-spree-covered-up-by-german-elite/#e2pqB6xEWve8losC.99