I don’t know about yours, but my Facebook feed has been buzzing with friends who are hopeful about tonight’s Powerball. I haven’t a clue how big it is, but know it must be a big one.

While there is nothing wrong with dreaming about what you’d do if you suddenly struck it rich; everyone wants to get out from under debt and to never again worry about money.

Still, I have to ponder the question: how come people do not give as much thought and attention to their eternal security?

Thanksgiving weekend has become less about reflecting upon our blessings and more about shopping for “good deals”. People line up in the cold for hours and fight with their fellow man over stuff that is most likely not needed.

Yet, why aren’t our churches standing room only each time the doors open, with people desperate to secure their eternal souls with God’s free gift? There is no better deal than that! 

God’s Word tells us there will be a time when people will work a full day just to buy one meal. Food and and water will not be the only things in short supply. He also tells us there will be a famine of the Word of God as well. People will be hungering and thirsting for Truth but it will be very difficult to find.

Now is the day of Salvation! Turn this life, and your eternity, over to Christ who loves you!






3 thoughts on “Powerball

  1. I don’t play the lottery cause to me it’s gambling and I think that it’s a sin.

    Also if just one or two people win it, well their lives will be miserable with the media hounding them and every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting a handout.

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      1. Which is the reason why if it’s put on the ballot again in my state I’ll vote against it again. I’ve seen on the news people who are buying tickets and they’re positively glassy eyed. It’s more important to me to be right with God.

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