Why is ISIS trying feverishly to lure the U.S. into a ground war in Syria? The answer lies in ancient Islamic prophecies of a place called “Dabiq.” (My interview on Fox News)

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Bream-Rosenberg-FirstHostageDabiq-first3issues(Washington, D.C.) — In my latest novel series — The Third Targetand The First Hostage the leaders of the Islamic State launch a carefully-coordinated plot to blow up an Israeli-Palestinian peace summit, capture the President of the United States, and lure the U.S. and Western alliance into a ground war in Syria.

While the books are fiction, they are based on actual ISIS strategy. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of ISIS, and his inner circle are, in fact, feverishly trying to draw the U.S. into a ground war in Syria.

The question is: Why? The answer lies in an obscure town in northern Syria called “Dabiq.” On Fox News yesterday, I explained why Dabiq is so important to the ISIS leadership.

To watch the video, please click here. Also, here’s the transcript.


FOX NEWS ANCHOR SHANNON BREAM: The fight against terror — both home-grown and global — is a…

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