Plotting Against America

This is incredible. Brother Tony had these dreams years ago and they now appear to be coming to pass, especially the one about the open door into America. This could very well be the immigration that is being forced upon us by the very ones sworn to protect us!

My Dreams and Visions

I had a dream 07/04/2014 where I was walking along, not noticing anything out of the ordinary, when my attention was drawn to an area where I was that did not look any different from my surroundings. However as I went towards where I was being drawn, I saw a slit as in a curtain. Had my attention not been drawn towards this, “slit” in material, I would have never seen nor noticed it, it was that well camouflaged. I stuck my head in the slit and saw a big table and there were men dressed in black, some without turbans, but most with. There was an individual in the middle who had a large scroll and when he unfolded it on the table, I could see that it was a map of the United States. I then could see various colored push pins being placed on various locations on…

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But I’ve had to semi-take one anyway. Home school was cancelled, meals were quick. I have tried to share the news here, but honestly I haven’t even felt like reading. Those of you who know me realise that rarely happens. The kids and I have been sleeping downstairs because it is cheaper to heat with the central heat. Upstairs only has electric room heaters and those things really run up the bill in an old house. We learned that the hard way last year. So, our sleeping pattern is adjusting to the new space and the fact we are sleeping so close together. Hopefully we will all sleep well tonight and I will feel better tomorrow.

The day is slowing down here so maybe I will catch up on the news. Have a good evening!