President Obama carves out 5 minutes for Jordan’s King. That’s right, five minutes. God have mercy. Let me explain.

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(Washington, D.C.) — After initially refusing to make time to meet with America’s most faithful Sunni Muslim Arab ally in the hot war against ISIS, President Obama changed his mind and decided to make time after all.

For five minutes.

Yes, you read that right — five minutes.

“President Barack Obama made a last-minute detour on his way out of Washington on Wednesday to greet Jordan’s King Abdullah, after originally planning to skip meeting with the close ally,” reports CNN. “The White House had cited preparations for his State of the Union speech for preventing a more formal sit-down earlier in the week and indicated there were plans to meet in the near future.”

“This is insane,” I told CBN News on Tuesday. “The King of Jordan is probably the most faithful Sunni ally that the United States has, and President Obama doesn’t have time to meet with him?”


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