Wolves in Sheep’s clothing

The following linked article discusses the jahadi guidebook.

State manual tells jihadis to pretend to be Christians

It reminds me of a dream Tony had in April of 2014, quoted below:


I had a dream 04/28/2014 where I saw Muslim men. They were dressed in black, in fact, their entire ensemble from the turbine on their heads to the shoes on their feet was black. I saw them all take their turbins off and place them behind their backs. Then with the other hand I saw them reach around to their backs and pull a large cross that was on a chain around to the front so that the cross was in front. They had not converted to Christianity but wanted people to believe that they had. The black attire reminded me of the clothing worn by Catholic priests. What also comes to mind is the perverted cult that’s gaining popularity called chrislam. Chrislam is a blend of Islam and Christianity.

To read more of Tony’s dreams, click here

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