5 Benefits of Memorizing Scripture (and 4 ways to do it!)

Elihu's Corner

Even if you hate memorization of anything, you need to read this post!

There seems to be a trend to dismiss memorization as a worthless practice. It is not. Nor is it only for middle school kids. Children as young as two can commit verses to memory, especially if those verses are put to music. (For a great article on memorization from edutopia.org, click here.)

Consider the following five benefits to memorizing scripture:

1) The ability to make connections.

Critics of the Bible LOVE to talk about all the “apparent” contradictions within its pages, but rarely—if ever—mention the connections. There are themes and even similar phrases used throughout the Bible which point to an ultimate Editor, (and it wasn’t the translation committee). When you commit verses to memory, those connections become more apparent. The Bible talks a great deal about God’s justice, mercy, faithfulness and love. It recommends, time…

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