Iranian and Israeli Reactions to “Implementation Day;” More Natural Gas Found off Israeli Coast

Looking for the Blessed Hope

As expected, reactions to the lifting of international sanctions against Iran are vastly different.  Per the Iranian Nuclear Deal struck in July 2015, the IAEA has declared on Saturday that Iran has fulfilled all requirements (removing nuclear materials, disassembling some of their centrifuges, and dismantling a heavy-water nuclear reactor in Arak, for example). Thus, sanctions will now be lifted on Iran, freeing up over $100 billion in frozen assets, likely to be funneled to terrorist networks.  In addition, Iran will soon be free to begin flooding the international market with oil, which will likely drive oil prices even lower.  (Not good news for American oil companies in the midst of huge layoffs.)

All this, after Iran blatantly ignored UN sanctions by test-firing ballistic missiles at least twice in October and November 2015.

Here are reactions from leaders in key countries:

“Even after signing the nuclear deal, Iran has not relinquished…

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