The Caliphate vs. The Kingdom. What is “the gospel of the kingdom” of Christ and why is it our hope in such dark times?

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GospeloftheKingdomUPDATED: (Dallas, Texas) — This weekend here in Dallas, I taught Part #3 of a series of messages I’m delivering across the country this month on what Apocalyptic Islam is, why it’s a threat to us, and how the Church ought to respond.

Here are the links to my notes for the first two messages.

  1. Part #1 — What’s the difference between Apocalyptic Islamic eschatology & Biblical eschatology? And why does it matter?
  2. Part #2 — ISIS waging war of genocide against Christians in the Mideast. New UN report provides chilling details.

Here at Prestonwood Baptist Church, I spoke on “The Caliphate Vs. The Kingdom.” I explained why Iranian and ISIS leaders are so fervent about the coming of their so-called messiah (the Mahdi) and their Islamic kingdom (the caliphate), and asked whether Christians are anywhere near as passionate about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His actual, literal…

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Gaza rocket misses target, explodes on Palestinian side

Arutz Sheva


By Ben Ariel

Gaza terrorists on Saturday night attempted to attack southern Israel with a rocket, but missed their target and the rocket exploded on the Palestinian side of the border.

There were no reports of injuries or damages on either side. Sirens did not sound on the Israeli side of the border.

Rocket fire has continued to “trickle” from Gaza onto Israel, the last attack having taken place at the beginning of the month, when terrorists from Gaza fired two rockets, causing no physical injuries or damages.

In response, the Israeli air forces attacked Hamas sites in Gaza.

In mid-January, Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets launched an airstrike against a terror cell in northern Gaza.

The cell engaged in planting explosives on the security fence targeting soldiers patrolling the border with Gaza. According to the IDF, direct strikes on the terrorists were identified.

Hamas later threatened Israel over the attack, saying Israel was “playing with fire”.

Watch: Oregon militiamen blow Shofar ‘battle trumpets’

Arutz Sheva

-PAXP-deijEBy Shoshana Miskin

First Publish: 1/24/2016, 8:16 PM


For the past two weeks, a group of armed and mainly white militia men have been occupying the federally owned Malheur national wildlife refuge building in Burns, Oregon, as a protest against the US government over federal regulations of public lands.

Last week, Blaine Cooper, one of the leaders of the standoff with the federal government and the head of an informal citizen militia in Arizona, uploaded a video to Facebook showing two men standing in the snow blowing the large and fancy Shofars.

Cooper, who refers to the Jewish instrument heard in synagogues on Rosh Hashanah as “battle trumpets,” calls on Christians to stand with them in their occupation.

“Christians, the battle trumpet has been sounded; time to rise!” he captioned the video, which can be viewed by clicking the image below. “Call to action, send in the troops to stand with us in Burns, Oregon.” Continue

Israel ranked as world’s 8th most powerful country

Arutz Sheva


Israel was ranked #25 in the world’s “best countries” list of 2016, as compiled by US News & World Report. The single category in which Israel made the top ten was Power; Israel ranked #8 in that category, and the main reason was its military. The IDF received a score of 9.7 – similar to the US, and second only to Russia’s military, which received a perfect 10.

Additional criteria for power included political influence, for which the Jewish state received a score of 7.6, and strong international alliances, for which it got a 5.8. It fared less well in the field of economic influence (2.4) and leadership (2.7).

According to the report, Israel is very highly developed in terms of life expectancy, education, per capita income and other human development index indicators, but it also has “one of the most unequal economies in the Western world, with significant gaps between the rich and poor.”


The top five “best countries” overall were Germany, Canada, Britain, the US and Sweden.

Israel also did well in the Movers category, where it came in 14th place, receiving good scores for being Distinctive, Different and Unique.

Surprisingly, it did less well in Entrepreneurship, where it came in at #21. This….Continue Reading….