Jan. 29. Instructions for Purging Sin from the Church

Mom’s Note: Unfortunately today we live in a culture where “SIN” is rarely mentioned in our churches. There is this idea that no effort needs to be made whatsoever to live a Godly, Holy, life. It simply isn’t necessary, for Christ cleansed us of all sin. Therefore, sin is not only allowed in the lives of today’s “Christians”, it is often congratulated. May this article remind all of us we are called to be Holy, to be separate from the world and to no longer conform to its patterns.

Down the Aisle to Meet the Groom

I wasn’t going to mention this, but since it has been weighing on my heart and mind all day….I will.

Last night I was praying before going to sleep. To be specific I was asking for wisdom on a personal matter. While I was praying a very brief vision came to me:

Light pouring in through the windows of a hall or chapel. It was the kind of sunlight that pours in right before sunset. Bright and hazy. A woman and a man were walking arm in arm. The woman was dressed as a bride but her features were blurred and indistinguishable. The man was even less clear. I could essentially see the outline of a bride and her escort with the bright, hazy light shining from behind and around them.