Ekklesia vs Church

QUOTE: “The ekklesia is called a body for a reason. Each body part has a function which the other body parts depend on. We are not all an ear or a leg or a hand. But we are all to participate when we come together to re-assemble the body of Christ.

The traditional church does not let the body of Christ be just that, the body of Christ. Instead, the body is reduced to pew sitters,i.e.spectators. Instead of being equipped, the body is crippled. No relationships are formed because no one has to work with anyone else to re-assemble the body of Christ the pastor does it all.”

Is it fair to assume that many, if not MOST, believers have no clue as to their own gift(s) of the Spirit, let alone anyone else’s? How then can we function properly if the foot doesn’t know it is a foot or the hand recognize the mouth?

My Dreams and Visions


In the dream I saw a grossly large building called church. The church doors were massive so that I would guess that one would nee help in opening them thus limiting accessibility  and this, I believe from the dream, was on purpose. The church itself was massive. From the back of the building called church the person on the platform was just a spec. However, even from the back I could see that he was dressed in robes. I will get to the significance of that later in the post. When entering this building called church one would normally expect to see pews or chairs. That was not the case in my dream. What I saw were chairs like the kind a judge would sit in. There were  people seated in the chairs each having a judge’s gavel in their hands. Instead of the chairs facing forward towards the…

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