Daze of Noah and Lot

Serve Him in the Waiting

I find myself truly in a sort of a daze today.  I have been watching for the Lord’s return for many years, and even as a young girl, I was always very attentive to the older generations, and had an appreciation for what people like to call “the old days”.  Most of the time that appreciation isn’t there until you are getting up into your fifties, sixties, seventies and beyond.  But I guess because of a natural curiosity about others, I have always watched and listened and dwelt upon things people reveal about themselves.  A lot of times they aren’t even aware of what they reveal.  Sometimes there are people who just enjoy talking and sort of lose themselves in chattering happily like a magpie about whatever is running through their minds. Other folks are so enthralled with celebrity or a sense of awe over those the world refers to…

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