Race is over: Polls Show Trump Will Dominate Super Tuesday

This may sound calloused, but: America will get what she deserves. There comes a time when God gives people over to delusion, so perhaps we too should come to the conclusion that some people just don’t want anything to do with the Truth and righteousness. Our choices come November (if we even make it to then, and I hope we don’t!) will be between Trump and either Hillary or Bernie. These are no choices, people! I agree with  Brother JD Farag when he said that perhaps God is preparing His people to separate from this world. Like Brother JD, I am feeling less and less interested and connected with this nation and certainly with this world. I’m gonna keep on looking up, praying, sharing the Truth to whomever will listen (or read it) and listening for that trumpet. America is speaking loud and clear. They say they like Trump because “he speaks the truth”. Hogwash. Trump doesn’t know the Truth because He doesn’t know Jesus. The real Truth? Yeah, few people want anything to do with that…even those warming the pews on Sunday mornings. So what say you? Do we keep spreading the Gospel but otherwise “give up” or do you think there is still hope for this wicked nation of ours?


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