A party that approves shooting refugees is getting really popular in Germany


MUNICH, Germany — Europe’s refugee crisis has boosted support across the continent for populist forces who cast newcomers as unwanted intruders. And despite its own dark history of xenophobia, Germany is no exception.

Once a eurosceptic party centered on economic issues, Alternative for Germany (AfD) has become the country’s third most popular political force, thanks to its aggressive anti-immigration rhetoric. Most recently, AfD leaders shocked moderates when they said they approved shooting refugeeswho attempt to illegally cross the border.

It was extreme even for some of the AfD’s own followers, but it captures just the kind of raw discontent the party is trying to harness as public frustration grows over the refugee crisis.

Today, polls find the overwhelming majority of the population believes the German government has lost control over the refugee situation — and analysts say AfD has been the primary beneficiary. Read More

Exorcist weighs in on ‘vampire’ murder in Mexico

.- The murder of a 24-year-old man in Chihuahua, Mexico last month is being considered by authorities as a “possible satanic ritual” designed to transform the victim into a vampire.

A report from the Chihuahua State attorney general says that the four people accused of the murder – three men and a woman, ages 18-25 – “profess Satanism” and performed “inside the Ciber Café an initiation rite in which they decided to have as their victim their friend Edwin Miguel Juárez Palma.”

According to the Chihuahua attorney general, the four defendants took the young man “by deception, they bound his hands and lied to him, telling him that he would be initiated into the sect called ‘Sons of Baphomet 1,’ unaware he himself would be the ‘sacrifice’… they beat him and wounded him with a glass bottle causing him to die.”

Quoted by local media, the director general of the State Police, Pablo Rocha Acosta, said that the young man asked to participate in the rite so he could “resurrect as a vampire.”

Speaking to CNA, noted exorcist and demonology expert Father José Antonio Fortea warned that “the vampire fad is something that’s very close to Satanism.”

This fad, he said, “is not just a taste for darkness, but rather a taste for evil, an aesthetic connected to an entire way of looking at life.”

“Vampire-ism totally amounts to devil worship,” he said.

Chihuahua is one of the states hardest hit by drug trafficking violence in Mexico. Juarez, its most populous city, was considered up until 2011 to be the most violent city in the world.

Fr. Fortea stressed the relationship between a society steeped in violence and the growth of Satanism.

“The more a society abandons the ways of God, the more cases of Satanism. The more a nation is Christian, there are fewer cases of devil worship,” he said.

The Spanish exorcist also explained that one does not spontaneously become a Satanist. Read More