What If….Just WHAT IF….

The whole Trump fiasco is a psyop?

Psyop is short for Psychological Operation:

planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. (Wikipedia)

So what if the Trump campaign is a psyop? What if Trump was actually the TRUMP CARD for the global elite?

trump card n.

1. Games A card in the trump suit, held in reserve for winning a trick.

2. A key resource to be used at an opportune moment; a trump:


trump′ card′


2. something that gives a person or group a decisive or winning advantage.

I have been writing this post in my head for days but had not decided on how exactly to organize it and what to include. When I happened upon the video below, I could not put it off any longer. There are too many people out there being played as fools by the so-called powers-that-be, the hidden puppet masters. The fact the video voiced exactly what was being written in my mental word processor was, to me, confirmation I might be on the right track.

From the beginning the whole Trump thing has not set well with me but I was unable to put my finger on why, apart from the obvious conclusion that he is a godless man. Until now. After praying for months that the Lord give me wisdom and guidance concerning the upcoming elections and praying that I not be deceived but have discernment, He directed me to some videos that have really helped me to start to put all the pieces together. I will share these in later posts. They provide background information which ultimately leads me to this post’s question:

What if Trump is a psyop? What if he is being used by the global elite to fulfill a particular purpose? What if the supposed GOP outcry, as well as the liberal/progressive vitriol, is all ON PURPOSE to make a certain demographic of voters to rally behind “the outsider”?

First, it must be noted that Trump is hardly an outsider. True, he may not have any political experience but; one does not obtain his level of wealth without permission. By now you have surely seen the photo of him hobnobbing it with the Clintons.


One simply does not do this if he is an “outsider”. Sure, in this photo the Clintons may have been gunning for donations. We know Trump donated to them. Perhaps they were “playing nice” because he had already given them a sizable donation. I’m certain there isn’t a lot of sincerity among the rich and powerful. But, as I said, the fact he is rich and powerful makes him an insider, not an outsider. Okay, okay, he might not have ever been a “Skull” or a member of some other secret society. He may have legitimately earned his wealth, whether honestly or nefariously, but a man known to be as cutthroat as Trump is will do whatever it takes to stay rich and powerful. He has already proven he has no morals and he has flat-out said he does not need forgiveness from God. Such a man wants to be “king of the world” and could very well sell his soul in an effort to be such.

Second, don’t you think it is odd that he has been given so much “free” publicity? Not a day goes by when he isn’t headline news. If the mainstream media was actually independent with the sole purpose of reporting the facts, or even just to report that which sells, we could understand all the Trump attention. However, most of you, BUT NOT ALL, of you know that the entire media conglomerate is owned by just SIX companies. Only six corporations are in control of the information being released through mainline “news” sources.

Don’t you see? The people supplying you with your mainstream news allow all this Trump coverage because it is fulfilling the goal of the global elite. Do you really think if “the Establishment” hated Trump they way we are told they do, he would be given so much attention? NO! He would NOT be. I guarantee you Mike Huckabee could say a few things that would get the progressives’ undies in a wad real quick, but he was barely mentioned as even running. He could have said a lot to get evangelicals pumped up and excited, but he was not given the platform. So, instead, the evangelicals have lost their way.

They have taken the bait: hook, line and sinker. The Trump card worked.

Let me put it this way: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO WINS IN NOVEMBER! The goal was multi-layered. Step one was to get Trump in a position to be on the ticket in November. Barring Divine Intervention, it appears that goal has been accomplished. The global elite, the hidden puppet masters, have a plan for every scenario. Hillary is Plan A (she’s another post entirely), Trump is Plan B, as far as the Presidency goes. They may still bring a third guy or gal into the fold, just to make it interesting, but that does not mean they are anti-Trump. That does not mean they have not been playing their Trump card all along.

Let me pause here a moment. Some of you may be wondering whom I’m referring to when I say the “global elite” or “puppet masters”. Remember when I wrote early in this post that the Lord led me to some videos that really helped to put the pieces together? I will share those individually very soon and hopefully explain this all better to you then. In the interest of space (I’ve gone on way longer than usual), let me just give you the most basic of basics. The global elite are those working tirelessly to form the New World Order. Christians who pay attention know this to be the anti-Christ government of the last days. This is a very long story and I will do my best later to simplify it all for you. For now, just know there is a group of very wealthy, very powerful people whose primary goal is to bring the world under one government umbrella. They are demonically inspired. I do not say that flippantly. They truly are demonically inspired. satan made up his mind a long time ago to dethrone God and rule in His stead. He is using God’s most precious creation, mankind, to obtain his goal. Now back to the topic at hand.

As I said, their goal was/is multi-layered. Now that they have all but secured Trump’s name on the ballot, they continue to use him to defame their REAL enemy: Jesus Christ.

You see, somewhere down the line, conservative Christians welded together Christianity with Patriotism. For many, they are one and the same. I agree this nation was founded upon Christian principles. I’m not talking about that. Somewhere down the road, American Patriotism became an idol. Those labeled as evangelicals have seen the moral decline of our nation grow worse and worse. They have been lied to by their elected representatives time and again. They see their rights being chipped away. Their hard earned money is gone within hours of pay day because the cost of living continues to increase and their tax dollars are going to corrupt organizations, illegal immigrants and people who do not want to work. They are fed up and they don’t want to take it anymore.

Enter a man who seems to have “made it”. They see a shrewd business man and think he can fix our flailing economy. They see Islam commit atrocities throughout the world and even on American soil. They are told they have no choice but to accept an influx of migrants who profess Allah into their communities. They see what these immigrants are doing in Europe. They do no want that in America. The businessman talks tough and says he wants to stop all immigration of those who follow Islam. He wants to erect a wall. The evangelical Patriots like this. The businessman says he is a Christian, like them. He names the church he attends. He names famous Christian writers from whom he draws inspiration. He “tells it like it is” and doesn’t care who he offends. He can’t be bought. He is going to “stick it to The Man”.

And BOOM! These Christians lose their true identities. Instead of the world seeing them as peculiar people motivated by the love of Jesus, they see Trump whom they rally behind. Instead of hearing them say, ” Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life”, they hear Trump making fun of a disabled person or talking about his certain appendage. Because they “identify” with Trump, they are lumped in with Trump. They lose their identity as the Light of the world and Salt of the earth. The world sees Trump and all his hateful vileness.


People ask me, “Who then shall we vote for? We can’t vote for Hillary, so who?” I am not going to tell anyone who to vote for or not to vote for, but as I said earlier: It doesn’t matter. Trump, Hillary (doubtful Sanders will beat her, but even if he does he isn’t much different); they are both part of the destruction of America.


Yes. Remember the global elite. Their goal is the NWO. That means America must not remain the superpower she is today.

Why do you think our current administration has spent so much time playing the race card? Now we have been dealt the Trump card. Divide and conquer, that is the goal. Just look at how Trump has divided America even more. Even those who profess to be Christians are divided.

I said in my FB post that it is despicable that Christians are rallying behind Trump and I stand by that. I’m not passing judgment on my brothers and sisters. NO! It is despicable that my brothers and sisters are being baited. It infuriates me. BUT, the Truth shall set you free.

For months God has been working on my heart, easing it away from the things of this world. I feel a certain disconnect from national events, particularly this election. It is like watching a movie. It is as though I have one foot out the door, so to speak. I am not alone in this. I’ve heard and read others say the same thing, or something similar. Time is very short. We need to get our priorities in order. We need to keep our lamps full. Jesus will be coming for His bride very soon. How soon, I cannot say. But no matter what happens, remember:

God is still on His throne. He is still in control. He ALWAYS will be. Everything is happening in His time, as He allows. To Him be praise forever!

I will bring this long post to a close. Watch the video.

God be with you. May He shine His light upon you. May you walk in His counsel. Maranatha!



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