20,000 Killer Bees Hospitalize Muslims Outside Phoenix Mosque

Jasper and Sardine

http://cdns.yournewswire.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/killer-bees-mosque-900x350.jpgOver 2o people were injured and one person hospitalized after a swarm of 20,000 killer bees attacked a Mosque in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday afternoon. 

The unusual attack happened at the Muslim Community Mosque leading to roads being shutdown around the area as fire crews sprayed the building with foam to disperse the swarm of bees.

Dailymail.co.uk reports:

The bees had formed a nest under the eaves of the mosque. One mosque worker there told Azfamily.com that a man had already been booked for Saturday to remove the nest but the bees attacked earlier than expected.

Nearby residents were told to stay in their homes. John Chavarria, one such local, told ABC 15 that he witnessed the attack from his house.

‘I don’t know, it was just crazy how everyone was running everywhere,’ he said.

Miming swatting at bees around his head, he continued: ‘They were making some movements like that…

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