Batman v Superman-Dawn of Justice

Warning Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this movie and plan to, do not read below the picture below.

I watched this movie with my husband and son over the weekend. This is not an official review of the movie, rather a “off the top of my head” commentary, a first impression, if you will.

Someone told me recently that if I spend too much time researching the Luciferian Agenda and go deeper into it, I could go crazy. Well while I wouldn’t go so far as to say that; I will say that it DOES put a damper on the movie watching experience. 🙂 When you begin to catch on to the symbolism hidden throughout movies and television, it is very difficult to just watch tv or a movie without noticing it.  Gone are the days of watching a movie and being naively entertained by it.

Even so I would have to watch this movie more than once to be able to comment on all the subtle symbolism. Still, they make the main idea so obvious you would really have to be living in denial not to pick up on it.







God dies.

That’s the jist of it. Satan’s manipulations and schemes (as manifested by Lex Luthor) leads to the death of Superman, whom they often compare to God throughout the movie.

First of all, Luthor works behind the scenes to pit Batman against Superman. With the help of some Kryptonite gas, stolen from Luthor, Batman is able to weaken Superman almost to the point of death. However, Superman regains his strength and the battle continues. Eventually, Batman realizes the only reason Superman is there fighting him is because Lex Luthor has kidnapped Superman’s earthly mom and told him if he kills Batman, she will live. Luthor was determined to show that no one, not even God, can be all-powerful and all-good at the same time. (paraphrased quote from the movie)

So, God dies, Satan is incarcerated and “meta-humans” (super heroes in the Justice League) prevail. It is implied there will be a sequel, using more of the Justice League characters.

You could watch this movie and say it is “just a movie”, but you’d really be lying to yourself. It appears the “powers-that-be” are not even trying to hide their Luciferian Agenda anymore.



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