Why Christian Women are Taking Up Jewish Practice of Hair Wrapping

I have worn a head covering since January 2014. My reasons are based on 1 Corinthians 11. I am convinced it has nothing to do with culture, at least the instruction to cover the head does not. I am the only lady in my “church” that does this. The others have inquired about it and I have told them my reasons. They respect my decision and I respect their choice not to cover. There are multiple reasons found in 1 Corinthians 11, the primary one for me is: to not take away from God’s glory. The second is “because of the angels”. The head covering is an outward, physical sign of a woman in submission to God’s Divine Order and the angels marvel at that and at God’s manifold wisdom. I mostly cover when at church, but if I am writing something “prophetic” on this blog I cover or praying in the presence of someone else, I cover. Each woman must make this decision for herself.



Although their reasons may differ, Jewish and Christian women increasingly share a Bible-based motivation for covering their heads.

In traditional Judaism, women cover their hair after marriage. Depending on the customs of her community, an individual woman may cover her hair with a hat, a wig or a scarf. Covering one’s hair with colorful scarves, a practice known as wrapping, is becoming increasingly popular.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/64780/why-christian-women-taking-up-jewish-practice-hair-wrapping-jewish-world/#i9DaJLdJsalmSrUm.99

2 thoughts on “Why Christian Women are Taking Up Jewish Practice of Hair Wrapping

  1. In the metropolitan area I live in, a covering would draw an incredible amount of attention. My long, braided hair is enough covering, so says my husband. As it is – people remark on my hair all the time. It’s hard to not draw attention to yourself, that is for sure.



    1. I bet it is beautiful! At church I usually wear a large scarf the way we see Mary wearing one, draped over the shoulders. If I visit a different church, it usually a bandana style like women did in 40s or 50s. The large scarf confuses strangers, thinking I’m Muslim but the bandana doesn’t seem to be noticed. Of course the headcovering was in existence long before Islam existed. Just another counterfeit of satan. Almost everyone I know says the same thing your husband says. My husband doesn’t care one way or another, lol.


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